Online Legal Services for Starting a Business

Apr 15, 2023

You’re well along in writing your business plan, but how do you actually form the company? Now it’s easy to take your business idea and completely set up a business online. This article will help you know how to find online legal services that meet your needs. Using this information, you’ll learn how to get legal questions answered, often for free, and then choose the service that’s best for you.

Startup businesses need innovative solutions to thrive and grow. One such solution is the utilization of online legal services. These platforms offer a cost-effective and time-saving approach to meet the unique legal needs of small businesses. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using online legal services, why they could be the best legal service for small business owners, and how they can help you easily set up an LLC or other form of business online.

Gone are the days when legal advice was only accessible through traditional brick-and-mortar law firms. The digital revolution has paved the way for a more efficient and accessible approach to legal services. With online legal services, small businesses can now access a wealth of expertise. You can quickly get tailored solutions and round-the-clock support at the click of a button.

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The following sections will discuss the advantages of online legal services for startup businesses. By the end of this blog, you will understand how these platforms are increasingly becoming the go-to option for business owners who want to form their business entity online and how these services can benefit your company.

Why Choose Online Legal Services For Your Business


Online legal services are an attractive option for startups due to their cost-effectiveness. Traditional law firms often charge hefty fees, which can be overwhelming for starting businesses. In contrast, online legal platforms offer competitive pricing structures, allowing small businesses to access professional legal advice without breaking the bank.

A Clear Understanding Of Startup Business Needs

One of the advantages of online legal services is their ability to cater specifically to the needs of startup businesses. These platforms understand the unique challenges that startups face, and they tailor their services accordingly. From business formation to intellectual property protection, online legal service providers offer targeted solutions that address startups’ most pressing legal concerns.

Packaged Services For Business Formation

Business formation is typically the first legal need for a startup business. Online legal services offer comprehensive packages to ensure a smooth process. These packages usually include services such as preparing and filing articles of organization, obtaining an EIN, drafting operating agreements, and more. By bundling these services, online legal platforms provide a streamlined and cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs setting up their businesses.

Fixed Price Services

Another benefit of online legal services is the transparency and predictability of their pricing structures. You’ll avoid the trap of hours times rate equals cost! Many online platforms offer fixed-price services, which means you know exactly what you’re paying for upfront. This payment structure eliminates the uncertainty of hourly billing and allows startups to manage their legal expenses better. Fixed-price services promote efficiency, as legal professionals are incentivized to complete tasks quickly and effectively without compromising quality.


Time is a valuable resource, especially for startups trying to establish themselves in the market. Online legal services save time by streamlining legal processes, allowing business owners to focus on other essential aspects of their operations.

The convenience of accessing legal support online means less time spent on meetings, phone calls, and paperwork, resulting in increased productivity for your business.

Expedited Processes

Traditional legal processes can often be slow and cumbersome, leading to delays that can negatively impact a startup’s launch. By contrast, online legal services offer expedited services, helping businesses address their legal needs more efficiently.

By leveraging technology and digital tools, these platforms can quickly generate, review, and file essential legal documents, ensuring that your business stays compliant and up-to-date with relevant regulations.

24/7 Accessibility

One of the standout features of online legal services is their round-the-clock availability. The internet never sleeps, and neither do these platforms. With 24/7 accessibility, you can access legal support whenever you need it, regardless of your time zone or schedule. Turnaround times are quick and typically quoted in advance.

This level of flexibility and reliability is invaluable for busy entrepreneurs juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities.

Improved Communications

Effective communication is key to a successful working relationship with your legal team. Online legal services provide improved communication channels, such as messaging systems, video conferencing, and document-sharing tools, making it easier for you to collaborate with legal professionals.

Senior client reading insurance contract with virtual lawyer advisor at online legal advice

These digital platforms facilitate real-time updates and seamless interactions, ensuring that you and your legal team stay on the same page throughout the process.

Access to a Wide Range of Legal Advice

Online legal services provide access to diverse legal expertise, ensuring your business has the proper support for every situation. These platforms connect you with experienced professionals who specialize in various areas of law, such as business formation, intellectual property, employment law, and more.

This vast pool of knowledge can be invaluable in helping your startup navigate the complex legal landscape and avoid potential pitfalls.

Federal And State-Specific Legal Documents For All 50 States

Each state has regulations and requirements regarding legal matters, and keeping up with these nuances can be challenging. Online legal services offer federal and state-specific legal documents for all 50 states, making it easier for businesses to comply with local laws.

From registering your business to creating legally binding contracts, these platforms ensure that your documents meet the specific criteria for your location.

Business Formation Documents

Establishing a new business requires several essential documents to develop its legal foundation. Online legal services can assist you with creating and filing these critical business formation documents, such as articles of incorporation, operating agreements, and bylaws.

By entrusting this task to experienced professionals, you can be confident that your startup is established on a solid legal footing.

Hiring Agreements

As your business grows, you’ll need new team members to support its expansion. Online legal services can help you draft hiring agreements that protect your interests and comply with applicable employment laws.

Whether you need employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, or non-compete clauses, these platforms have the expertise to create legally sound documents that safeguard your business and your employees.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

Protecting your startup’s sensitive information is crucial in today’s competitive business environment. Online legal services can assist you in drafting robust non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that safeguard your trade secrets, proprietary information, and confidential data.

By having a well-crafted NDA, you can confidently share critical information with employees, contractors, and partners without jeopardizing your business’s competitive edge.

Trademark Registration

Your startup’s brand identity is one of its most valuable assets, and securing the legal rights to your trademarks is essential to protect it from infringement.

Online legal services can guide you through the trademark registration process, helping you search for existing trademarks, file the necessary applications, and monitor your registration status.

With the support of experienced professionals, you can ensure that your brand is legally protected and positioned for long-term success.

Flexibility and Convenience

Online legal services offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience, allowing business owners to access legal support whenever and wherever they need it.

With the ability to request consultations, review documents, and communicate with legal professionals from the comfort of your home or office, these platforms eliminate time-consuming in-person meetings and provide a seamless experience that fits your busy schedule.

Remote Access

In today’s digital age, remote access to legal services has become increasingly important. Online legal platforms empower entrepreneurs to access legal support from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

This remote accessibility is especially beneficial for startups with distributed teams or those seeking legal advice across different jurisdictions, making it easier than ever to stay compliant and protect your business interests.

Standardized Services for Common Needs

Many startups share similar legal needs, such as business formation, contract drafting, and intellectual property protection. Online legal services offer standardized services for these common requirements, providing businesses with a cost-effective and efficient solution.

By leveraging templates, automated processes, and best practices, these platforms can deliver high-quality legal support that meets the needs of most startups.

Customized Service Packages Where Needed

While standardized services can address many common legal challenges, some businesses require more tailored solutions. Online legal services can also provide customized service packages to cater to the unique needs of individual startups.

By working closely with clients to understand their legal requirements, these platforms can develop bespoke solutions that deliver targeted and effective results.

Easy Document Management

Managing legal documents can be daunting, particularly for startups that may not have dedicated legal staff. Online legal services simplify document management by offering secure digital storage and easy-to-use file organization tools.

With features such as version control, search functionality, and real-time collaboration, these platforms make it effortless to access, edit, and share your legal documents when needed. This streamlined approach saves time and reduces the risk of lost or misplaced paperwork, ensuring that your startup’s legal foundation remains strong and well-organized.

Finding The Best Legal Service For Small Businesses

Researching and Comparing Various Online Legal Services

When searching for the best legal service for your small business, it is important to research and compare various online legal platforms. By examining their features, pricing, areas of expertise, and user experience, you can identify the platform that best aligns with your business needs.

In addition, don’t be afraid to explore multiple options and seek out free trials or consultations to get a firsthand look at how different platforms operate.

Considering the Specific Needs of Your Business

Your legal needs may vary depending on your industry, location, and growth stage. When evaluating online legal services, consider the specific needs of your business, such as business formation assistance, intellectual property protection, or employment law guidance.

Look for platforms that offer tailored solutions and have a track record of working with businesses similar to yours.

Evaluating Customer Reviews And Testimonials

One effective way to gauge the quality and reliability of an online legal service is by reading customer reviews and testimonials. These firsthand accounts can provide valuable insights into the platform’s performance, responsiveness, and overall user satisfaction.

Customer review satisfaction feedback on desktop and phone

Look for patterns in the feedback, both positive and negative, to help you make an informed decision.

Top Online Legal Service Providers For New Businesses

Several top online legal service providers cater specifically to the needs of new businesses. These platforms offer comprehensive solutions for startups, including setting up an LLC online, creating customized legal documents, and providing expert legal advice. Some popular options include LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, and Incfile. Research each platform’s offerings, pricing, and customer reviews to determine the best fit for your startup’s legal needs.

By comparing various platforms and assessing their offerings, you can identify the most suitable service to support your business’s legal requirements. Investing in the right online legal platform will provide peace of mind and help ensure your startup’s long-term success and protection. Remember, a well-informed decision today can save you time, money, and potential legal headaches.

Setting Up Your Business With Small Business Legal Services

Set Up a Sole proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is the simplest business structure and requires minimal legal formalities. With the help of online legal services, setting up a sole proprietorship can be quick and straightforward. These platforms guide obtaining necessary permits and licenses and properly registering your business name as a DBA, which simply means “Doing Business As.”

While a sole proprietorship offers simplicity and ease of setup, it’s essential to remember that the owner assumes full personal liability for any debts or legal issues. Online services can help you navigate the process and ensure you meet all legal requirements for your new business. They’ll also provide additional information to help you ensure that a sole proprietorship is the right choice for you.

Setup An LLC Online

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is popular among small businesses due to its liability protection and flexible tax structure. In addition, online services make setting up an LLC convenient and hassle-free. These platforms guide you through the process, which includes selecting a unique business name, preparing and filing the Articles of Organization with the state, and creating an operating agreement that outlines the management structure and operating procedures for your LLC.

Additionally, they can help you obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and any necessary licenses or permits. With the support of the best legal services online, you can efficiently set up your LLC and start your business on the right foot.

Set Up a Partnership Business Online

A partnership is a business structure in which two or more individuals share ownership and responsibility. Online legal services can assist in establishing a partnership by drafting a partnership agreement that outlines each partner’s roles, responsibilities, ownership shares, and profit distribution. This agreement is crucial to avoid potential disputes and ensure smooth business operations.

Additionally, online legal platforms can help you register your partnership’s business name, obtain required licenses, and file paperwork with relevant state agencies. By leveraging the expertise of small business legal services, you can create a solid foundation for your partnership and protect the interests of all involved parties.

Set Up an S-Corp or C-Corp

Corporations, such as S-Corps and C-Corps, offer liability protection and distinct tax advantages for business owners. However, these structures are more complex than LLCs or sole proprietorships and require careful planning and adherence to legal formalities.

Business people having meeting in conference room, sitting with laptops and discussing

Online services can guide you through setting up an S-Corp or C-Corp, including selecting an appropriate business name, filing the Articles of Incorporation with the state, drafting corporate bylaws, and issuing stock. They can also assist with ongoing compliance requirements, such as annual reports, board meeting minutes, and maintaining a registered agent.

When selecting the best legal service for small business formation, consider the specific needs of your business and the level of support you require. The best services will provide clear guidance, streamlined processes, and comprehensive resources to help you establish your business structure and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

FAQ for Small Business Legal Services

Why should I hire online legal services for small businesses?

Small businesses should hire online legal services because they provide cost-effective, time-saving, and convenient solutions for legal needs.

These services offer easy access to expertise, standardized legal documents, and customizable packages to cater to specific business requirements.

What should I check when choosing the best online legal services for small businesses?

When choosing the best online legal services, consider the following:

  • Range of services offered
  • Pricing and fee structure
  • Experience in handling small business legal issues
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Availability of customer support and response time

How should I approach finding online legal services platforms?

To approach online legal services platforms:

  • Research various platforms and compare their offerings
  • Identify your specific legal needs and goals
  • Evaluate the pricing, experience, and customer reviews of each platform
  • Take advantage of free trials or consultations if available
  • Contact the platform’s customer support to address any questions or concerns

How can I find the best online legal advice for free?

To find the best free online legal advice, explore reputable platforms offering free resources such as guides, articles, or webinars on legal topics relevant to your business.

Additionally, consider joining online forums or communities where legal professionals and entrepreneurs discuss legal issues and share advice. Some platforms may also provide limited free consultations or legal document templates.

Be sure to verify the credibility of the sources, and remember that free advice might not always be as comprehensive or accurate as paid services.

For complex legal matters, it’s always best to consult a professional attorney. We advise using a paid service from a professional organization for setting up your business. Reputable online services are a fast, cost-effective choice.

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