Executive Summary

How to Get Their Attention Fast!

The business plan executive summary stands alone in its own section of your business plan. This is arguably the most important section of your business plan. It is meant to be a fast read that hooks the reader and leaves them wanting more.

The overall length of business plans has gotten shorter over the past ten years. All of us expect to be able to find what we’re looking for quickly. When you’re writing your plan, this trend makes your job easier but also means you’ll have to be strategic and precise. As you’ll see, your business plan executive summary can be as short as a few pages. That’s not a problem, as long as those pages include the right information that your readers will be expecting to see. Also, it’s important that you choose your words carefully and make this section as compelling as possible. We’ll show you how to create a small business plan executive summary.

Follow the easy business plan template provided to accomplish this goal. When you click the link for each section below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions, a template for your introduction or elevator pitch, and examples of both good and bad executive summaries. Follow the guidelines provided and your plan will address your business in the manner bankers and investors expect to see when they consider making an investment or a small business loan.

As you go through each section of the business plan executive summary you’ll find business plan templates, guidelines, and examples that will show you how to write a business plan that gets praise and attention.

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