Business Plan Introduction

Let your reader know about your current business and how your business is structured.

Business Structure (Introduction)

Your business plan introduction should include some basic facts about the current status of your business, particularly if the business already exists as a corporate entity.  Letting the reader know how your business structure is currently set up is important.

  • Business Status
  • Type of Entity
  • Current Ownership
  • Current and Past Funding


Important Considerations

Keep this information in a concise, readable format. Remember, it is a summary of facts and needs little, if any, editorializing.

Use the template below to Include information covering each item:

  • One to five sentences on the status of the business (started or to be formed), when it was founded, and where it is or will be located.
  • Type of entity (C Corp, S Corp, LLC, LLP or Sole Proprietorship)
  • Who owns the company, and how much each person owns. If there are more than two owners, include a two-column “cap table” that shows the amount of capital invested by each person, and each person’s ownership percentage.
  • How has the company been funded to date (how much, by whom, and when was it invested).

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