Management Team & Operating Plan

How the people and processes you have will transform your idea into a thriving business.

The following two sections of the business plan, covering the management team and operating plan, are crucial components that provide valuable insights to lenders and investors.  An overview is provided below. When you’re ready to dig in, click the links in the Included in This Section box on this page.

In the management team section, the focus is on introducing the key individuals who will be responsible for leading and executing the business strategy. You will want to focus on their relevant experience, skills, and qualifications, and explain how their collective expertise will contribute to the success of your business.

By boldly establishing the credentials of your team, you will instill confidence in lenders and investors by demonstrating that the business has a capable and experienced team in place to drive its operations. They will recognize the team’s credentials for making informed decisions, navigating challenges, and leveraging their skills to drive across the finish line to achieve the company’s goals. Lenders and investors want to see that the management team has the necessary knowledge, industry insights, and leadership capabilities to effectively steer the business from inception to profitability and growth.

The operating plan will convey that you know exactly how you will run this business on a day-to-day basis. This includes detailing the operational processes, production or service delivery methods, supply chain management, regulatory requirements, and any unique aspects of the operations. The operating plan section also covers facilities, technology, and quality control measures. Collectively, this section says, “These people know what they are doing!”

By documenting a cohesive operating plan, founders demonstrate their understanding of the industry and market dynamics. The Operating Plan section highlights the feasibility and viability of the business model by illuminating a solid foundation for sustainable operations. It showcases the company’s ability to effectively utilize resources, manage risks, and meet customer demands. These are critical factors for lenders and investors to assess the business’s potential for profitability and long-term success.

Overall, these sections should be written to provide lenders and investors with a comprehensive understanding of the business’s management team and operational strategies. By emphasizing the strengths and qualifications of the team, and outlining a well-defined and efficient operating plan, entrepreneurs can instill confidence in potential financial partners, increasing the likelihood of securing funding and support for their business venture.

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