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Business Plan Cover Page and Outline Notes and Suggestions

This section starts from the very beginning, the cover page. Yes, it seems simple and it is. But the cover is the only page that shows when your business plan is sitting on an investor’s or banker’s desk waiting to be reviewed for a small business loan or investment. So, it merits some attention.  Even if your primary purpose of writing a business plan is to clarify your own ideas, stick with tried-and-true formats and you’ll end up with a professional plan that serves you well!

We suggest you give these sections a quick look before diving into the details of the more substantive sections. The Table of Contents in particular will give you a high-level overview of how your business plan will take shape. Then, as you work through your own business plan, you will experience the sense of accomplishment of watching your own professional plan come together.

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Included in this Section

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