The Sales and Market Potential Section of Your Business Plan

Before making an investment or approving your small business loan, bankers and investors will be anxious to find out how you plan to sell your products and services. Following the Products or Services section, your business plan will present the details that answer those questions. You’ll start by assessing the size and growth rate of the market.  Next, you will identify your go-to-market plan, where you’ll identify your target market, unique selling proposition, and how you’ll reach those customers.

Your sales and marketing plan will specifically address the resources – people, and campaigns- you’ll use to make it all happen.  With those details determined, you’ll be armed with the details you need to create a sales and marketing budget.

Finally, you’ll put forward your sales forecast using methods and techniques specifically suited for startup sales forecasting.

We’ll walk you through it step-by-step to help you understand how to create a convincing sales and marketing plan using proven methods. You’ll draft the sales and marketing section of your plan, but more than that, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running to make your sales plan come to life.

Ready to get started?  The box titled Included in this Section provides links for every part of your sales and marketing plan.




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