Sales & Market Potential

How to present your Products or Services, The Market and your Sales and Marketing Plan.

The Sales and Market Potential Section of Your Business Plan

How to present your Products or Services, The Market and your Sales and Marketing Plan.

Before making an investment or granting you a small business loan, bankers and investors will be anxious to find out about your products or services and more importantly how you plan to sell them. In this section of your business plan, you’ll start with a brief description of your Products or Services and learn how to present the details that matter most. Next, you’ll learn how to look at The Market and size up the opportunity for both yourself and lenders or investors. Finally, you’ll close this section with your Sales and Marketing plan. We’ll show you how from end to end. Together, these three parts tell the story of your new business’ Sales and Market Potential.

Small Business Plan Template for Sales & Market Potential

Use the outline below and click the corresponding link in the toggle categories to the left for a detailed description and complete overview of what should be included, mistakes to avoid, and important considerations.


Products and Services

  • Description
  • Problem Solved or Unmet Need Filled
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Other Differentiators

The Market

  • Description of the Market
  • Growth Rates and Key Trends
  • Target Market (Including Location, if Retail)
  • Size of Target Market
  • Competition
  • Direct Competitors
  • Indirect Competitors

Sales and Marketing Plan

  • Unique Selling Proposition (repeated)
  • Marketing Budget
  • How Customers Will Find Out About Your Business
  • Who Will Sell
  • Pricing
  • Sales Forecast / How Fast Will the Sales Come
  • Evidence to Support these Projections

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